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WordPress Cloud Security Service

Establishing a high profile online presence is the “Holy grail” these days, but with it comes the risk of being targeted by hackers, who want to ride the coattails of your success.

Who they are, and why they want your site

webgroupWest can restore your WordPress site AFTER a hackIf you’re not careful these days, the online world can be like the Wild West. The “bad guys” (or, “Black Hat Hackers”) are usually motivated by financial gain. Hacking your site, thereby gaining access to the computers of everyone who visits you, can be of tremendous value to them.

Their objective may be as simple as re-directing your hard-earned traffic to their properties, or as elaborate as installing malware on the computers of the people who visit your site.

No site is completely immune

No matter how hard you try, or how well you’ve adhered to best security technical practices, your site can fall victim, and the fastest way you can recover, without starting from scratch, is by keeping safe, secure backups.

You can’t rely on your hosting company’s backups

Hosting Company Failures Mean You Should Back-up Off-SiteUnless you’re paying top-dollar for extremely high-end web hosting, odds are that your hosting company only makes sporadic backups, usually when they’re planning to upgrade or replace hardware. Those are intermittent (at best), and the latest backup they have (if you can even get them to give you a copy) may be so old that your restored site lacks any improvements or new content you’ve added in recent months.

And you’re still faced with the cost of having someone restore your site (and its databases) from those backups.

Worse, most affordable hosting companies only keep your backups stored on-site, in their own facilities (saving costs is one of the ways they remain affordable). Should something catastrophic happen in their building(s), any backups they may have are just as vulnerable as your site, itself.

You don’t need another headache

You need peace-of-mind, and webgroupWest delivers, with our comprehensive WordPress Cloud Security Service:

  • We configure your WordPress installation to automatically back itself up to servers we maintain in redundant data centers, which operate independently of, and in different physical locations than your hosting company’s server.

  • This backup is comprehensive, and covers your entire WordPress installation, including updates, plugins, themes, content, and database. It is quite literally everything you need to get  back online quickly (Most backup solutions only include a subset of what’s required to restore your site. You still need to create a new WordPress installation after a hack, which can be time consuming, and expensive).

  • Included in the price is our complete WordPress restoration service. When verified that  your site has been hacked, we fully restore it to the most recent backup prior-to the hack. There is no additional charge for “De-Hacking,” or “Backup Restoration.” We handle everything.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote, and experience true peace-of-mind, knowing that the “bad guys” didn’t win.

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