Fix WordPress 5 (& Gutenberg) Problems Quickly

Solved - WordPress 5 (Gutenberg editor) problems fixed

If your website is having problems since the WordPress 5 update, you’re not alone. It will cause trouble for a number of businesses.

Often, these problems are related to the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5. A lot of folks feel that it’s a much improved, more intuitive & powerful editor, but regardless of your opinion, it simply isn’t compatible with many older themes and plugins. That’s not because of any flaw in Gutenberg, though.

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Outsource The Maintenance Of Your WordPress Website

More than 30% of all websites now run on the WordPress platform. Odds are, yours does, too, so maintaining WordPress is critical to your business.

WordPress is a marvelous web platform in that it makes it simple for you to add, remove, or edit content without needing to know the “nuts & bolts” of programming. It also requires a fair amount of upkeep.

When you’re busy running your business, it’s easy to put off things like installing updates, but they’re essential to keeping your site up & running. In fact, a lot of those updates you see as “pending” contain critical security fixes, intended to patch new security vulnerabilities.

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Your Next Logo

Looking to improve the image of your business online? Start by re-thinking your logo.

There are a lot of really nifty old logos out there that pre-date the web, and as a result, there are a lot that don’t maximize use of the medium.

When we create logos for clients, we take a “web-first” approach, ensuring it’ll look great on your site, as well as any place else you’d like to use it.

In fact, we even provide you with the final art files you’ll need to create professional-grade letterhead, business cards, t-shirts, bobbleheads, to you-name-it.

Give us a shout to talk about your next logo.