What’s New in SEO?

SEO is a never-ending game of cat & mouse. Every time you have it figured-out, the rules change.

Sometimes they change a lot. Sometimes a little.

But, they always change.

Of the dozens (and dozens) of changes in the last year, two stand-out as “technical SEO” “must-dos:”

Your site must be responsive (adapting its formatting on smartphones) and it must be secure (that little green “padlock” at the top of your browser.

If your site’s not responsive, you’ll likely be excluded from Google’s “mobile-first” index, which is the set of search results presented to visitors searching on their smartphones (the vast majority of folks, I’m afraid).

And if you’re site’s not secure, more and more visitors will be getting that annoying “Not Secure” warning in their browser, and not knowing what to do, many will play it safe, and leave as soon as they can.

Both are straightforward fixes, and we’re happy to help. Contact us today for a free quote.s

20% Off Custom Logos & Web Graphics

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Have we lost our minds? I suppose that’s quite possible, but we’re so exited about our custom logos & web graphics, we want to spread the word.

And we do some pretty cool stuff, too.

Not only do we talk with you first, to understand your wants and needs, we turn that into three “ready-to-go” proofs for you to choose from.

Once you’ve selected your favorite, it’s ready to use on your website, plus we provide the master (professional quality) art files for you to use on your business cards, ball caps, brochures, or anything else.

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Your Next Logo

Looking to improve the image of your business online? Start by re-thinking your logo.

There are a lot of really nifty old logos out there that pre-date the web, and as a result, there are a lot that don’t maximize use of the medium.

When we create logos for clients, we take a “web-first” approach, ensuring it’ll look great on your site, as well as any place else you’d like to use it.

In fact, we even provide you with the final art files you’ll need to create professional-grade letterhead, business cards, t-shirts, bobbleheads, to you-name-it.

Give us a shout to talk about your next logo.