What’s New in SEO?

SEO is a never-ending game of cat & mouse. Every time you have it figured out, the rules change.

Sometimes they change a lot. Sometimes a little.

But, they always change.

Of the dozens (and dozens) of changes in the last year, two stand-out as “technical SEO” “must-dos:”

Your site must be responsive (adapting its formatting on smartphones) and it must be secure (that little green “padlock” at the top of your browser.

If your site’s not responsive, you’ll likely be excluded from Google’s “mobile-first” index, which is the set of search results presented to visitors searching on their smartphones (the vast majority of folks, I’m afraid).

And if your site’s not secure, more and more visitors will be getting that annoying “Not Secure” warning in their browser, and not knowing what to do, many will play it safe and leave as soon as they can.

Both are straightforward fixes, and we’re happy to help. Contact us today for a free quote.